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Haveli Dina Nath

Haveli Dina Nath

Dina Nath was the Hindu who belonged to a Kashmiri Pandit family. He was the finance minister of Raja Ranjit Singh and the most influential courtesan of that time.  He was the brother of Baij Nath. The Heveli of Dina Nath is situated in the Phoolon Wali Gali inside Delhi Gate, Lahore.  The architecture of Haveli Dina Nath has been changed enough till the present day.

In old times there was a fountain in the courtyard of Haveli. More over there was a room which was used as a Hindu Temple but after partition and according to the needs of residents of this Haveli many parts of Haveli were changed. It is reported that after partition nearly 50 families were residing here. In 1978 this was sold by its owner and each family bought the portion it was residing in. With the passage of time families shifted from there and at present only 20 families are residing there.

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