List of Shortlisted Candidates for Interview


Candidates allowed to take NTS screening Test provisionally subject to verification of all antecedents at the time of interview. However candidates have to prove his / her candidature as per advertised Criteria. Candidates Final Selection shall be made as per the decision of Interview Committee.


Advertisement in Urdu

  1. Deputy Director (Information Technology) [Click Here]
  2. Deputy Director (Tourism Events)[Click Here]
  3. Deputy Direct (LR&PT)[Click Here]
  4. Culture Heritage Specialist[Click Here]
  5. Deputy Director (Licensing & Recovery)[Click Here]
  6. Assistant Director (Information & Technology)[Click Here]
  7. Assistant Director (Building Control)[Click Here]
  8. Assistant Director (Architect)[Click Here]
  9. Assitant Director (Engineering)[Click Here]
  10. Assistant Director (Electrical Engineer)[Click Here]
  11. Assistant Director (Tourism & Events)[Click Here]
  12. Assitant Director (Crafts & Culture)[Click Here]
  13. Assistant Director (Media & Marketing)[Click Here]
  14. Assistant Director (Procurement & Transport)[Click Here]
  15. Assistant Director (Enforcement)[Click Here]
  16. Graphic Designer[Click Here]
  17. Field Superintendent[Click Here]
  18. Marketing Officer[Click Here]
  19. Sub Engineer[Click Here]
  20. Tourism Officer[Click Here]
  21. Senior Scale Stenographer[Click Here]
  22. Office Assistant[Click Here]
  23. Draftsman[Click Here]
  24. AutoCad Operator[Click Here]
  25. Librarian[Click Here]
  26. Videographer[Click Here]
  27. Event Coordinator[Click Here]
  28. Computer Operator[Click Here]
  29. Sub Engineer / Building Inspector[Click Here]
  30. Field Activist[Click Here]
  31. Record Keeper[Click Here]
  32. Conservation Foreman [Click Here]
  33. Driver (HTVLTV)[Click Here]
  34. Supervisor (Solid Waste)[Click Here]
  35. Security Supervisor[Click Here]
  36. Horticulture Supervisor[Click Here]
  37. Store Keeper[Click Here]
  38. Security Guard[Click Here]
  39. Telephone Operator[Click Here]
  40. Tourist Guide[Click Here]
  41. Electrician[Click Here]
  42. Plumber[Click Here]
  43. Mali[Click Here]
  44. Sweeper[Click Here]