Guided Tour Of Walled City Lahore

From the ancient eras of Mughal Empire till the colonial rule, you come across different heritage sites inside the Walled City of Lahore. These sites present the splendor of Mughal architecture, additions made during the Sikh Rule and transformations of the British Colonial period. Lahore is famous for its active life and beautiful architecture. You will find all these inside the Walled City of Lahore.


Delhi Gate to Wazir Khan Mosque ( attractions: Delhi Gate, Shahi Hammam, Sabeel Wali Gali, Gali Surjan Singh, Haveli Dina Nath, Chitta Gate, Wazir Khan Chowk, Dina Nath Well, Wazir Khan Mosque)
Rickshaw Ride: Rs. 250 per person
Tickets for Shahi Hammam: Locals= Rs. 50 Foreigners= Rs. 400

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